Whimsy Fit - Kathy Webb

Whimsy Fit leggings, tank tops for children, bright fun whimsical colors of workout wear and active wear.

Kathy created the Whimsy Fit line of "wearable art" with the goal to create a unique look that will set customers apart from the crowd. 

She grew up in Texas where she got degrees in Fashion Design and Art from TCU (Go Frogs)!  After moving to Winston Salem, NC she opened Merlot & Vangogh a wine and paint business.  During her Covid days she decided to turn her artwork into workout wear.

She has an obvious love for animals and tries to incorporate them in her artwork whenever possible.  Her fun sense of humor is shown in her whimsical pieces.  She hopes they will make people smile and enjoy wearing them.

We hope you love the line!  Don't be a wallflower, get noticed in yoga class, at the gym or running around the town. 

Artwork that inspired Whimsy Fit

Whimsy  Fit
Whimsy Fit
Whimsy Fit


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